New Year’s Gardening Resolutions 2011

A small dust of snow fell late in December

Happy new Year! Like every year I am starting out with the best gardening intentions! Looking back at 2010 I have been so surprised at how much food came out of my little garden. It’s a learning process, mostly to prioritize what I have time and space to grow but also what I want to invest that time and space in growing. You will have to forgive me if I bore you but here is my 2011 resolutions “to do list” plus other notes, things that worked, things I won’t do again, things I am going to try and of course things I have always meant to do that I am “for sure” going to do in 2011! 

January-Get out early in the year and clean up before the weeds start growing.

February– Successive plant shelling peas every two weeks from mid Feb to mid Aug because I love fresh peas and every year I wish I had been more diligent about having a successive harvest. Prune and fertilize all my evergreens and hedges before spring really kicks in.

March-Start tomatoe seedlings after March 1st every year I get tempted into starting tomatoes too early and every year I ended up with a spindly mess of root bound 18” high plants in 4” pots

April-build a permanent support for the raspberries(for sure this year!!) before they get too tall

May– Resist the urge to over plant green beans with the intention of freezing, I have tried every freezing  method possible but no one in my family will eat previously frozen green beans no matter how I prepare them.

June-Start all the seedling I think I could possibly need for fall and winter. Forget about wasting effort to grow lettuce during the summer my garden is way to dry and sandy.

July-Get a sprinkler set up with a timer to do the watering for me in the heat of summer

August-check tomatoe plants daily for ripe fruit, chop and freeze any fresh tomatoes I don’t use in the same day they were harvested, I won’t go to the trouble of slow roasting tomatoes for freezing again the flavor did not hold up well in the freezer.

September-Do a huge sowing of fava beans early in the month to harvest for leaves during the fall and winter.

October-Cover cilantro and spinach early in the month before there is a chance of frost. Pick any chard still left in the garden before even the lightest front kills it.

November-Pick any and all remaining arugula and pea leaves, blanch and freeze for winter use, arugula and pea leaves will make it through some frost and light snow but not too much.

December-remember to ask for a least one new and wonderful garden book for Christmas!

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