Perennial “Evergreen” Bunching Onions

year round green onions!

I have not purchased green onions for over a year! About two years ago I planted these perennial bunching onions from Seeds of Victoria what a surprising wonderful find.  In my garden they grow not only as a perennial (like chives) but evergreen as well. My chives turned yellow and died back to the ground already, but  I am still enjoying  green onions fresh out of the garden. I have not covered the green onions for winter ever and I didn’t even fertilize, or do much of anything since planting. In the spring they set seed  and “volunteers” popped up all over the place, next year I might try to contain the volunteers a bit better by snipping the seed heads and tucking them in to the centre of the patch, as the centre  tended to get a bit hollow. The outer stems of each bulb die back frequently so if you are not continuously picking from the outside in you will have to clean up the dead unused stems every few weeks. I grown these bunching onions in a loose circle about 12” in diameter, this one little group has provided all the green onion we need as a family and even a few to give away!

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