High Bush Blueberry Fall and Winter Colour

High bush blueberry colour first week of November

I already have 12 low bush “North Sky” blueberry plants but this year I also planted 3 high bush “Duke”s, The blueberries sort of fit into my edible hedge project, they are still really small about 18” tall but they were only planted this summer from 1 gallon sized pots. At full size Duke blueberry should be about 3 to 4 feet tall.  The fall colour was brilliant, predominantly yellow with a bit of flame red veining and edging.

Colourful branches of high bush blueberry

 Now that all the leaves are off, the twiggy braches have turned out to be a nice burnt orange, once everything fills in I am hoping for a  lovely display of winter orange branches against the glossy dark evergreen cherry laurel. I know planting tall perennials along the south border of a food garden is a bit unorthodox, because it can shade the growing area. For me the potential loss of growing space is outweighed by the busy street and high school beyond. According to all calculations I have way over planted for the blueberry needs of my family, my reasoning? Blueberries are a low maintaince perennial, thrive in poor acidic soil(like mine!), freeze really well, and the three Duke plants the latest addition to my blueberry family happened to be a gift from my brother.

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