Edible Flowers For Cakes

Brownies with fresh snow pea flowers

Its freezing outside literally! Seems like an appropriate time to stay inside and bake a cake, well brownies to be exact. On the first day of snow I ran out the garden to collect the last remaining  snow pea and bok choy blooms I had the intention of drying them to sprinkle on frosted cup cakes for Christmas but they didn’t make it that far. The majority of vegetables flowers are edible, most don’t have much of a prevalent taste, but vegetable flowers are one of the beautiful things I love about growing my own produce.

Bok choy flowers

I experimented by pressing blossoms into the top of my baking. Any part that was not touching the batter did kind of burn but I thought they looked cute anyways. I also experimented with drying. To dry edible flowers just spread on a parchment lined baking sheet, bake at 200F for 1 hour. The snow pea and bok choy flowers dried up perfectly and became very brittle, which is ideal for topping a frosted cup cake. Flavor wise the dried flowers were a lot better, their powdery texture made them disappear, where as the flowers pressed directly into the top of my brownies, were a bit chewy. 

snow pea flowers

The only down fall was my 4 year old son recognized “vegetable” flowers and somehow though this made the brownies “ healthy” which resulted in tears and great upset! Perhaps it would have been better received if I was serving adults? In the name of keeping my son happy I had to abandon the flower cup cakes, oh well there is always next year.

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