The Snow Garden

Thyme is evergreen here on the coast, can be harvested all winter with out any protection even in the snow

I guess that’s it I missed my chance, the snow is here and it seemed to have showed up particularly early this year. I don’t have anything cloched except a few spinach seedling, I was planning to get out and cut back the snow pea plants, sorrel, and chard  to freeze and store, cover the overwintering brassicas and cilantro but for once the weather forecast was right and the snow beat me to all that!  I am super disappointed about the cilantro I overwintered it last year under a cloche, and I just missed my chance today, it will surely have frozen to death if and when the snow melts?  I am however really looking forward to seeing what pulls through? Last year perpetual spinach was green for me all year will it do it again? I have never had sorrel for winter will it make it to spring back in spring? Are my “evergreen” perennial onions really evergreen?

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