Cooking Snow Pea Leaves…Continued

Full grown snow pea plants, mid November-still flowering

This a follow up post for my October 4th “Cooking Snow Pea Leaves” I did do an experimentally late planting of snow peas just under 6 weeks ago, I intended to harvest leaves but they didn’t really take off as I had hoped. The biggest plants from my extra late sowing are about three inches tall with the largest leaf about the size of a penny, maybe they would have done better if I had cloched them?

Planted too late-tiny snow pea seedling just can't get growing

I do however have a big group of four foot tall, pod producing, still flowering snow peas! I have been working with them quite a bit lately.  The most successful way I have found for cooking snow pea leaves is removing them from the stems completely, then steaming, or simmer in soup.  Snow pea leaves are a bit fragile they  burn easily and become bitter with high heat stir fries, and gently sautéing requires a decent amount of oil as pea leaves don’t release that much water during cooking. I have found pea stems to be pretty much unusable for cooking once they get past the “shoot” stage, even the seemingly tender growing tips once cooked become stringy and fibrous but for raw eating the growing tips, stems and all, are the best. I like the earthy home grown look snow pea growing tips add to meals. Snow Pea flowers and buds are also just fine for eating, they don’t have much flavor but look stunning as a fresh garnish. It’s about that time when the snow peas are just about to start to die back, so this seems like an appropriate week to get cooking, I’ll be posting a few recipes for snow pea plants this week, hope you have fun with them!

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