Perennial parsley

My curley parsley's first leaves come in looking flat but as they grow they frill up

Curley parsley is especially nice this time of year, it’s one of the handful of edibles that will stay green in my garden for winter, flat leaf parsley lasts the winter  but I find it gets yellowie and doesn’t look as good as the lush green curleys . Parsley seems to be listed in most seed catalogs as an annual but “perennial” parsley was a fun quite accidental discovery in my garden. Last spring I had my parsley bolt, parsley is a biannual that goes to seed every 2 years, and now that I think about it, it probably was there for a couple growing seasons!  The 2’ tall seed heads that shot up looked like a pretty lacy dill cap, they quickly dried out, fell over and turned scraggly. I have to walk through the garden to get anywhere anytime I leave my house,  like so many of the garden tasks that get hastily completed while enroute, I grabbed the sheers that live by my door and cut down the unsightly browning mess of gone to seed parsley, then promptly forgot all about it. Without skipping a beat as if nothing had happened the parsley regrew and that sounds like perennial parsley to me! I am only assuming it regrew from the roots, but it could have been seeds that fell and made new parsley I am not exactly sure,  I am interested to see if it keeps going in years to come?

Transplanting tiny parsley seedlings

Aside from my Perennial parsley patch I also stared a bunch of designated “annual” parsleys. Near the end of summer I tossed a bunch of parsley seed in about a square foot space in the garden, now that things are dying back I am simply digging up the crowed little seedlings and transplanting here there and everywhere, hopefully it will green up the garden and help avoid a barren looking food growing space in winter. I find fall parsley is easy to work with and transplants well even at a spindly seedling size, although I am doing it a bit late this year. In the spring I have every intention of digging up the “annual” parsleys and I am looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen with a foreseeable abundance of parsley!

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