Fall Colours

From left to right: Sugar Maple, Japanese Maple Oshio Beni, Green Yew, Aucuba Gold Dust, Weeping Blue Spruce, Coral bark Maple, Nine Bark Diablo. Back ground my neighbour’s Cedar.

I don’t talk about the back yard garden very often mainly because its(relatively speaking) not as interesting as the front yard garden, but my back yard garden is all about fall colours, partly deliberately and partly  because nothing else would grow there.  The deliberate part of planting a fall garden in the back yard garden stems from the fact that my kitchen window looks directly into the back yard. Cooler weather means we all start to spending more time indoors and I noticed more and more I end up staring out my kitchen window, in the summer I barley ever look out the kitchen window, it gets unbearably hot if we leave the blind open. In the rainy days of fall and winter in our old cold house, I tend to look for any excuse to have a hot cup of coffee and be in the kitchen with the oven on, bread, casseroles, roasting, baking all good chilly day things.

Japanese Maple Oshio Beni fall colour

 My back yard garden is 3 feet below street level, and hedged in on the south side by our at street level garage. When the sun is low in the sky (spring, fall, winter) the towering garage throws a big shadow, shading most everything but in the high sun days of summer the west sun by passes the garage and burns anything remotely shade loving. Through trial and (a lot) of error I have tried various edibles and fruit trees in the back yard but many couldn’t survive the 3 low light seasons and too months of sun just wasn’t enough for the fruit trees. What I do have is a leafy mix of low maintenance foliage, planned for viewing from the kitchen window in fall. Trees, shrubs, grasses, bamboos all perennials that I don’t have to worry about watering or weeding, and I did manage to find a home for a few raspberries and a back door grape vine.

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