Grapes a Mislabeled Mishap

Grapes I Think They are Condord?

My grapes are finally ready! 3 years ago I planted my grape vine from a 1 gallon size of what I thought was sweet seedless early ripening red vanessa grape after 3 years of waiting I finally have my first crop and to my extreme dismay it must have been mislabeled at the nursery and I have waited 3 years for seed full sour concord. Not that there is anything wrong with concord as a grape variety but during the grape season local organic concords are abundant in my area, like most home growers I had hopes to grow something unique and special in my own garden. I also had dreams of allowing the vine to sprawl over the back of the house and one day with my abundance of grapes make my own raisins. Now I am left with a major dilemma do I dig up and give away this productive vine, sacrifice another 3 years of growing time and hope that this time the nursery gets the label right? Or do I just be happy and look forward to the that fact, that I have fresh organic concords growing literally on my door step?

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