Freezing Baby Dill

Baby Dill

Fresh baby dill despite its frilly appearance actually freezes really well, simply snip it, wash it, dry it,  flatten it out in a thin single layer in a big resealable bag, and lie flat in the freezer. Once frozen the dill sprigs stick together but  frozen in a thin single layer it’s easy to break off just what you need.  Mince it up while still frozen and it only takes seconds to thaw, add to soups, mashed potatoes, beans or whatever you like to cook with dill leaves?  In my garden the baby dill is turning colour and dieing back, I can’t blame it, it was so cold this morning I could see my breath even in the sun! Today it’s time to freeze what’s left of my dill, before the weather freezes it for me!

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2 Responses to Freezing Baby Dill

  1. yellow says:

    Perfect. Thanks for the advice! Off to freeze my dill now.

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