Warm Arugula, Walnut Salad with Sweet Whiskey Syrup

A nice addition to this salad is roasted beets, the sweetness of the beets is a tasty contrast to the pepperyness of the arugula, my beets are all done and gone this year, and I didn’t get around to planting winter beets. But if you have any left they are a nice addition.

Sweet Whiskey Syrup:

In a sauce pan simmer over medium low heat for about 10 minutes. The sugar should completely dissolved and the mixture should start to thicken.

 ½ cup Whiskey

2 tbl brown sugar

¼ tsp paprika

A pinch of cayenne pepper

 Meanwhile toast ½ cup of chopped walnuts, and wilt about 4 cups(about 1 salad spinner full) of fresh washed arugula.  To wilt arugulas add a splash of olive oil  to a large skillet over medium heat add the arugula toss/stir  just  until wilted and the colour starts to darken but don’t let it get soggy.  Just before serving whisk in to the whiskey syrup 2 tbl white wine vinegar, 2 tbl olive oil, and  sea salt to taste. Arrange wilted arugula in a serving dish or individual bowls top with toasted walnuts and drizzle with whiskey syrup mixture.

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