Cooking Snow Pea Leaves

Snow Peas

Was I the only person that had no idea on this one?  I have just discovered snow pea leaves are edible!  Apparently  this is so well know even the Chinese restaurant by my house in suburbia  has snow pea leaves on the menu.  I have eaten pea shoots, and of course edible pod peas but never tried the leaves before. Snow pea leaves are traditionally served steamed or pan fried or boiled in soups.  I think the way to do it is snip them when they are about 4” to 6” tall while they are still young, I tried sparingly snipping a few leaves off my mature last sowing of snow peas that have been in the ground since mid August, but most of them were really fibrous.   I didn’t want to ruin my chances for a last round of snow peas by cutting to many leaves, so I am rushing out this morning to do an experimentally late planting of snow peas to harvest specifically for shoots and leaves, I am not going to bother staking them because they have no chance of growing tall enough before frost shows up. I have no idea if this will work but check back in a few weeks and I’ll let you know!

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