How Many Green Bean Plants Per Person?

Bush Bean Patch

I guess that depends how many green beans you want to eat? My husband and I can easily polish off a salad spinner full, that’s about 500 grams per meal.  This year in 28 square feet and less than 6 weeks  I have 4 kilos of perfect green beans!  I have a tendency to over crowd my small garden but the green beans didn’t mind a bit in fact the beans in the centre of the action out produced the lonely edges, bush beans are a true city plant they seem to like a crowd!  I scattered a whole pack of seeds in the little bean bed with the intention of thinning them out “later” but  I loved the way the dense planting was forming a miniature green carpet forest so I just let them be. Each plant produced about 6 to 8 beautiful long pods, but bush beans all ripened at the same time, something I will consider next year is maybe consecutive plantings.

Green beans, Rosemary, peas,

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