Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

My last ditch effort to get some ripe tomatoes; I just snipped every single leaf off every single tomato plant! So far from 9 tomato plants my whopping harvest has been 5 little romas! There are about 65 green tomatoes that might be remotely big enough to have a chance of ripening before the weather turns.  What did I do wrong? Well as always I was lazy. Mistake number 1. I didn’t prune, or pinch out no not once this whole growing season, needless to say my tomatoes were all leaf and suckers and no fruit. Mistake number 2. I didn’t fertilize,  I did  procrastinating a lot about fertilizing “ I’ll liquid sea weed tomorrow” and now it’s the end of august. And finally mistake number 3 and probably the biggest offender of all I planted to close together, I fell into the small space garden trap of trying to jam too many plants into to small of a space we are talking 9 full size tomato varieties in 12 square feet.  I think gone are my dreams of eating my own home grown tomato sauce all winter but I just might have a few jars of green tomato salsa to give a way for Christmas?

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