Getting Ready for Fall in the Front Yard Garden

The garden is so bare! I just did a major clean up and harvest of all the spring/summer crops to make way for fall. I pulled out the last of the carrots, onions, spring peas, beets and my special surprise 16 lbs of potatoes.  This was the first year potatoes “worked” for me, I stared out with a little 500 g box of 12 teensy  seed potatoes the largest of which was no bigger than a walnut, and like magic I have tons of tennis ball sized and bigger gorgeous  Yukon Golds.  I grew potatoes traditional style in 2 tidy rows each spaced about 9” on center, I earthed up about 6” worth of soil when the plants were about 10” tall, I only fertilized moderately at the time of planting, but I waited until every single plant had died and turned totally brown before harvesting,, that took about an extra 2 weeks waiting compared to last year, in total about 10 weeks growing time.  On the agenda of things to plant  in the next few day; over wintering cauliflower, over wintering cabbage, over wintering onions,, oriental greens, mustard, sprouting broccoli, fall carrots and more lettuce and spinach.  I am forgoing brussel sprouts this year I forgot to start my seedlings in June so I will have to go without.

The Front Yard Garden-mid August

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