Perennial Salad Gardening

Salad gardens are a sensible space wise choice for small gardens like mine. When I think about the amount of space used vrs amount of food harvested vrs growing time before harvest, it’s pretty hard to beat salad gardens….But…I am not a very disciplined successive planter or water-er and both these  components seem to be key in continues production of succulent tasty salad greens.  When I first heard about the idea of perennial vegetables I was more than enthusiastic and have been working towards a perennial salad garden since I broke ground.  A lot of the perennial vegetables that like to grow in our climate are leafy so a perennial salad garden seemed like a natural experiment.  Just think wouldn’t it be amazing to harvest fresh salad that grows itself!!  So far my perennial salad garden contains; Perpetual spinach, Sea Kale, Purslane, Sorrel, Cress, Burnet, and arugula.   My first challenge in perennial  food gardening was actually sourcing a decent selection of seeds. Thankfully I found my friends at Seeds of Victoria and Salt spring Seeds  both stock a fabulous selection of  perennial vegetables and hard to find seeds as well as annual favorites.  This is the first whole year I will be letting the perennial salad re-grow so I will let you know how the experiment turns out in the spring!

 Seeds of Victoria:

Salt Spring Seeds:

Golden Purslane-one of the first perennial salad greens I tried out

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