Royal City Farmers Market

 If unbelievably fresh, picked this morning, kind of produce is what you are into you will be loving RCFM as much as I do.  I am a long way from self sufficient growing at home, but eating fresh veggies straight out of the ground has made me extremely fussy about buying produce. The organizers of RCFM have made the priority to keep the market food dominant that means a fantastic selection of all things fresh, edible and local plus a select few artisans. Prices this year at RCFM are excellent I paid about 1/2 what I pay in the grocery store for local organic heirloom tomatoes, beautiful flowering gai lan, and mouth watering big red cherries.  Not to mention the hard to find stuff farm markets have become famous for like pea shoots, young garlic, dandelion greens, and squash blossoms. The produce quality is really superior to anything you are going to scavenge from the organic section at any of the retail grocery stores. I stopped by RCFM after work just a half hour before closing, there was still a huge choice of perfectly beautiful produce, no line ups, and pleasant live music.  Just remember to bring real cash money, but some vendors do have card pay terminals. RCFM happens every Thursday  3-7pm from June to October in the open air of Tipperary park, New Westminster BC. Get all the details at the lovely and informative Royal City Farmers Market  web page:

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