Carrots of Many Colours

I grew all the different colours of carrots I could find!  I am almost sad to report the good old oranges win hands down in flavor. Purples being a close second. Compared to fresh orange carrots, Purples were a tad bitter-er although they do look stunning sliced up on a raw veggie plate or even more stunning oven roasted, roasting really intensifies the colour to a deep royal purple, beware to roast them separately, the purple juice will run and muck up everything. The first time I ate/served purple carrots it was a bit disorienting they seemed to get left behind because people had trouble identifying what they were, and even my brain that planted tended and grew them had trouble associating “deep purple” with “tastes like carrot”.  My reds and yellows  all seemed more varying shades of orange but didn’t taste as good as the true oranges.  The whites are a different breed all together and I see why they are not commercial available in super markets! they are practically inedibley tough and stringy raw, once cooked they are pretty good, more like parsnip but finer texture, I thought I would do a nice white carrot fried Asian style rice, but I got a lot of strange “stir fried parsnip?” from my family that night.  Definitely fun to grow but a major challenge to my grocery store eating habits “carrots are orange” preconceived notion I didn’t even know I had.

Carrots; orange, yellow, red, purple, white

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2 Responses to Carrots of Many Colours

  1. mike says:

    My carrots never got that big ’cause the kids keep eating them!

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