What Does a Gooseberry Taste Like?

Red Gooseberry

Fully ripe red gooseberries are a beautiful thing!  I had actually never had a gooseberry before I tried to grow my own! Red gooseberries are sweet and juicy with a combination of tastes of  grape, fig and apricot.  They have the spongy juicy texture of a fig or cherry tomato but much finer seeds, flesh, and skin.  I have never seen sweet red gooseberries for sale anywhere, the farm markets seem to have the greens sometimes but the unripe bitter greens are a far cry the sweet ripe reds, imagine eating a dark green unripe banana compared to a perfectly ripe golden yellow one?  I am growing 2 varieties “sweet red” and “hinnomaki red” the bushes are prickly and droopy but I am trying them without supports and just allowing them to do their thing. Gooseberry plants become big thorny bushes, to avoid injury I planted them in the most awkward and unused location of my front yard, right behind the bus bench(there is a bus stop directly in front of my house) nobody goes to that area of the yard due to there always being travelers sitting on the bus bench so I figured these potentially painful bushes were naturally out of the way.  So far it has worked not one person has gotten prickled and the gooseberries are delicious.

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4 Responses to What Does a Gooseberry Taste Like?

  1. Heidi Bell says:

    Interesting! Baba had gooseberries in her yard but I never acquired a taste for her gooseberry jam … her raspberry patch (and jam) was the best though!

    • I still remember picking Baba’s raspberries and crab apples back in the day! I have been trying to grow a raspberry patch for 3 years and so far my massive harvest has been about 20 berries, the gooseberries on the other hand have done surprisingly well even after Stu ran over them with the lawn mower as seedlings! they sell the green gooseberry jam at the farmers market its not really my thing either.

  2. Alex Stepman says:

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